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Getting arrested in Texas is a confusing, stressful, and frightening situation—no matter if it is your first time or your fifth. A conviction not only results in harsh criminal penalties such as a long jail or prison sentence or fines worth thousands of dollars, but it also leads to a criminal record that could follow you forever. However, an arrest does not automatically turn into a conviction. You still have an opportunity to fight the charges against you with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

At Prospere & Russell*, we can protect your rights, reputation, and freedom throughout the legal process. As a Dallas criminal defense lawyer, Reed Prospere, is a former prosecutor who has handled over 5,000 cases, giving him a unique understanding of both sides of the courtroom. He has been recognzied fifteen-times as a the best criminal defense attorney by D-Magazine. Do not hesitate to obtain experienced and award-winning legal representation from our firm immediately.

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What Is Criminal Defense?

Criminal defense law is the part of the legal world that deals with those who have been accused of committing any number of crimes. Law enforcement agencies are able to gather exhaustive resources that can make it difficult for those who have been accused to stand up for themselves without seeking professional legal counsel in the form of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

This type of lawyer is someone who will work with you and fight for you in a court of law to help you get the best sentence or be declared innocent. As a Dallas criminal defense attorney, Reed Prospere will fight for those rights and ensure that they are upheld throughout the duration of your trial. These include the Fourth Amendment that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures for evidence gathering as well as the Sixth Amendment that offers defendants the right to a public trial as well as a jury in most cases.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves stuck in jail after being arrested and need a defense attorney to help get them out until their trial date. Being incarcerated is, of course, inconvenient, but it also keeps individuals from earning money by working.

We can help our clients get out of jail and even help to lower bail by speaking with the judge and pointing out beneficial factors such as the defendant is shown to be intimately tied to the local community and is a non-violent threat. Whether or not you are able to secure a lawyer before you are able to get out of jail, you will surely need one when you are out and heading into the criminal justice system to contest criminal charges.

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When you enter into a courtroom, you should be prepared and that includes knowing your defense as well as working with a reputable, experienced criminal defense attorney. Our firm is committed to helping you either get your entire case dismissed, obtain a not-guilty verdict, or reduce the charges or penalties you face.

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